EOD & C-IED Search Consultancy

What we do?

Security Management including:
EOD and demining.
Explosive hazards identification and threat assessments.
Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Assessments for building construction.
UXO or Mine Accident Investigations and associated Boards of Inquiry.
Strategic and local evaluations.  Advice on using Search techniques to counter the IED/terrorist threat and/or provide protection.
Search and C-IED Training.
Conducting EOD and C-IED Search Training Needs Analysis to create a national or provincial Search training capability.
Technical and practical aspects of implementing weapon related International Humanitarian Law Conventions.
Quality Management including:
Preparing Quality Management Procedures.
Advising on ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.
Provision of Validation and Verification services.
General Management including:
Programme/Project Management.
Facilities Management.
Policy Management.
Strategic Planning.
Defence Business Development including:
Facilitating business contacts with defence and security agencies for Engineering Infrastructure and EOD / De-mining / Search equipment.

We have a network of expert contacts and can call on additional support if the need arises.

Who can we help?

    • International Organisations
    • Government Departments and Agencies
    • Non Government Organisations (NGOs)
    • Not for Profit Organisations
    • Local Authorities
    • Transportation Agencies
    • Private Businesses
    • Insurance Sector
    • Land Developers

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